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Cleaning Jars

So now you have a pair of Bettas or maybe a spawn of Betta fry. Eventually those fry will have to be separated it to individual jars to prevent them from tearing each others fins or hurting each others.

Most semis-serious Betta breeders have at least 50 jars that have to be cleaned every other day or so. So breeders have specially designed tanks that filters water through one hundred or so compartments but the cost to build this is relatively expensive. Unless you are willing to spend a minimum of a few hundred dollars, you probably will accumulate a lot of jars.

So how does one go about such a daunting task? With a lot of patience! There are many different methods and techniques people use but to keep from writing too lengthy and article I will stick to the more commonly used.

The Double Jar Method

This method calls for twice as many jars as there are fish. The first jar holding the fish is placed in front or next to a second, clean jar containing treated water. When it is time to change the water of the first jar move the fish from the first jar into the second and clean out the first. Rinse and refill the first, treat the water and place it next to the second. Repeat this every time a jar needs to be cleaned.

Step 1
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