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New Strains: Tail Shape and Color


Bettas, have a seemingly unlimited genetic pool. With all these cool genetics many colors and fin shapes can be developed through selective breeding. Some exciting new colors that are being developed and are not yet recognized by the I.B.C. are orange and purple.

Gilbert Limhengco is given the sole credit for developing orange. In his words:

"Orange - a new color I developed a few years back, I got the color from careful crossing and back crossing of different colors of bettas, to name a few are: albinos, yellows, red cambodians, black cambodian, pastels, reds, black marbles. The gene is very recessive, even more recessive than blacks, if you cross them to a different color the fish will take 3 to 4 generations to start getting some orange back."

Below are some pictures of orange Bettas.

A beautiful orange bred by Gilbert Limhengco
An orange x black male bred by Gilbert Limhengco
A possible new strain - an orange butterfly bred by Gilbert Limhengco
An orange Betta owned by Faith & BETTA TALK
An orange Betta owned and bred by Tropical Fish

In addition to new colors being created a new tail shape has been bred and is creating a huge stir in the United States. The new "crowntails" have fin rays that extend beyond the webbing. The fish have an extended combtail trait that exaggerates the fin rays.


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