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Some Great Betta Web Sites

The International Betta Congress - A world wide organization of Betta crazed worshipers everywhere! Great resource of top quality fish.
Betta Talk - This is a humorous web site with tons and tons of info on Bettas. It has everything from the authors stock and color strains to Betta history to caring and breeding. To see more photos and visit the BETTA TALK web site click the icon. Very detailed and through web page, highly recommend!!
A Passion For Bettas - Lee and Walt Johnson's web site. Has some good links and best of all has some general genetic laws and appearance standards.
Betta Splendens, Bred on Kauai by Liz-Hanh Morin - A picture diary of the author's successful spawnings and her ongoing adventure with her Bettas. After a year off Liz has begun breeding Bettas again. Stay tuned!
Jeff's Bigger Betta Deal - Good web site with a broad range of info. Great beginners web site! - Wonderful all-around fish and aquaria site. Lots of info on everything! Has a catalog of fishwith articles and pictures (including Bettas!). Has great info on live food and plants too! Excellent site for beginners and novice.

The Betta Bowl - Interesting web site all about Bettas! Explains color variations, diseases, breeding, as well community companions.
~The Bubblenest~ - Great of photographs of Kevin Pelletier's stock and a few other breeders. Betta anatomy page, slide show, FAQ and a list of links. I got some of my pics from this page. Highly reccomended.
Labyrinth Fishes - Web site about all fish with the breathing organ, the labyrinth. Includes information on Bettas, gouramis and other anabantids. Has an awesome Betta Genetics section for beginners and advanced keepers alike. Very nice fish database and Betta Species ID page. Has a useful taxonomy section too.
Black Magic Bettas - Bonnie McKinley's site. Unfortunately, Bonnie no longer breeds Bettas but this site is a treat for the eyes with lots of pictures of her champion lines.
Bettas 4 Pnutz - A good beginners site. Provided the photos and stories for the local pet store and rescued Bettas section.
Tropical Fish Vancouver BC - Has beautiful stock! Plans for creating a filter system and an extensive system of Betta Barracks. Check it out, if only to see the amazing fish room!

Wayne Schmidt Betta Pages - Tons of expreiments and results mainly focused around food. A fun page with a lot of different and interesting information focused around Wayne's personal experiences.